Shamanism is the oldest healing practice in the world. It has been used by ancient cultures and indigenous people for thousands of years. Shamanism is a spiritual practice that connects us with Mother Earth and all of her children, as well as to Father Sky and the Star Nations—and all of Creation.
Shamanic practices help us form a deep relationship with all of the kingdoms of nature and recognize the medicine, purpose, and power of Pachamama. In a Shamanic Cacao Ceremony, we set up sacred space and a clear intention to be in relationship with Mama Cacao and source her wisdom and healing for the highest good of all. We can experience profound initiations and shifts of consciousness and deepen the knowing of the wisdom of our hearts.
All ceremonies are Heart-Centered and are honoring of: Mama Cacao and the native farmers who work with her, the Ecuadorian Amazon, and the Ancient Tree Nation that provides the plant medicine. The overlighting intention is to live more in our heart wisdom and less in our survival brain. As we shamanically journey in unity with the Sacred Spirit of Mama Cacao, we represent all of humanity and contribute to planetary healing. We are all one and part of Great Spirit and the Cosmic Oneness.


The ceremonial context potentiates the Cacao Plant Medicine. In ceremony, we bring reverence and gratitude as well as our intention. This sacred container directs the plant medicine spirit, and beautiful and transcendent experiences can happen.
Opening our hearts is the most important thing we can do as human beings in service to ourselves and others. It allows us to open wide to our true potential and vulnerability and embrace our authentic selves. Then we can reach our highest frequency and create a beautiful life for ourselves and those around us. When we awaken our love and consciousness, we make more loving choices that are positive and healing for all.
In a Shamanic Cacao Ceremony, we will journey and experience a sound healing with various instruments, including drums, rattles, bells, Tibetan bowls, Solfeggio/Circle of Fifths pipes, Shruti box, elemental Kochi chimes, crystal bowls, 528 Hz steel tongue drums, and gong. I tune into the needs of the group and, guided by Mama Cacao, use what feels right at the time.


  • The Altar is prepared, sometimes over many weeks. Each object on the Altar is a spirit and a sacred being. The Altar is a spiritual doorway between the worlds. It represents our prayer and intention. The spirit of the Altar holds the center of the ceremony and is rich with purpose, light, and healing.
  • The Sacred Cacao is prepared with prayer, love, and focused intention. I stay merged with Mama Cacao, the Ancestors, and the Star Nations that gifted her to Earth to assist us in awakening our heart wisdom.
  • People are smudged when they arrive and silently take their Places. We can use Palo Santo, Sage, Ruda, Sulphur stones, Piedra de Alumbre, or clearing, purifying limpia waters, which I personally make with twenty-one days of prayer and collaboration with the souls of the plants and minerals. These I learned how to make when I trained for over two years in Curanderismo with doña Rosita and Mary Carmen, and in my thirty years of Shamanic practice.
  • Sacred Cacao Essential Oil, Flower Essence of Cacao and Cacao Butter are available for our use. Every part of this beautiful Tree Spirit is sacred.
  • I then humbly call in all of the directions and elements, spirit helpers, power animals, ancestors, angels, and Mama Cacao and big Pachamama and Great Spirit. I use a process and song that Mama Cacao gave to me and which I share with you.
  • We then share our intentions as we partake of the Sacred Cacao drink, with the help of soft rattling to keep the power strong and to seal the circle.
  • I then send everyone on a Shamanic Journey with my drum and you bring your intention for healing to Mama Cacao, also known as “The World Tree,” for healing, wisdom, clarity, and initiation. She will be your guide on your Journey beyond linear time into unbroken eternal time and other realms of healing.
  • I call you back with my drum, and as you integrate your Shamanic Journey, I give you a sound healing to assist you in grounding your experience into the present time-space. I have been a sound and energy healer for over twenty five years.
  • We can then share our experience in circle, which can deepen our healing and help others.
  • We do a closing ceremony in gratitude to all and make an offering to Mother Earth, The Ancestors, Spirit Helpers, and Mama Cacao and Great Spirit. A poem, song, movement, etc., can be part of our closing ceremony.

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