Cacao comes from a tree known as the “Theobroma Cacao Tree.” The active ingredient in it is called theobromine, which can be translated to “Food of the Gods.” Cacao has an ancient history that is rooted in Central and South America and the cultures of the Olmecs, Mayans, and Aztecs.
It is known among the Mayans as the “World Tree” or “First Tree.” Originally discovered by the Olmecs around 1500 B.C., Cacao had a place in these Empires as a sacred, elite, and healing plant, used in rituals and ceremonies.
It is a perfect plant medicine to help you dive deep while remaining fully conscious and aware. Unlike Ayahuasca and San Pedro, it does not take you on a trip. Instead, it facilitates your own experience—a gentle, heart-opening journey where you will experience deeper intimacy, connection, compassion, love, and presence. It is not a psychedelic medicine. It is perfect for Shamanic Journeying with drumming.

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Cacao is raw and has not been processed with heat over 42 degrees Celsius/107.6 °Fahrenheit. It retains its potency and active ingredients as a plant medicine. Ceremonial Grade Cacao is cultivated with intention and in alignment with the “Spirit of the Cacao”; we call her Mama Cacao. This means the lands, farmers, process, and the finished Cacao are treated with compassion, love, respect, and reverence.
It is consumed as a warm liquid, and different spices can be added, such as chili, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and honey, depending on what you like.
Milk chocolate contains around 20 to 40 percent cacao with milk and sugar making up the rest of the ingredients. Chocolate is processed with heat, and this removes it from the status of being a plant medicine. During processing, the naturally occurring antioxidants (flavonoids) are lost.
  • Reduces tiredness and fatigue
  • Improves heart health and blood flow
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Anti-aging
  • Protects cells from premature oxidation
  • Contains magnesium, which is known as “nature’s tranquilizer” and helps with stress.
  • Natural mood elevator
  • Natural anxiety reducer
  • Contains the neurotransmitters serotonin, tryptophan, and dopamine to balance your moods and awaken love hormones
  • Contains anandamide, whose name is taken from the Sanskrit word Ananda (Divine Bliss); it is also known as the “Bliss Molecule”
  • Used for centuries to heal the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies
  • Opens Heart Chakra
  • Promotes powerful shamanic journeying
  • Creates a stronger connection with the “Spirit of Cacao,” who initiates us into her Heart Wisdom and Medicine
  • Creates a state of bliss
  • Facilitates deeper states of meditation
  • Enhances deeper connection to the Great Spirit and Pachamama
  • Deepens our connection to all of our relations—the mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms
  • Aligns and deepens our connection with our spirit guides and power animals
  • Awakens and facilitates access to our inner light, wisdom, power, creativity, and soul
  • Helps you to create consciously
  • Assists you in remembering your true source is light and love
  • Enhances your ability to be in oneness with your community and with Mother Earth
  • Opens the doors to the shamanic upper and lower worlds outside of linear time
  • When Mama Cacao merges with you and gives you her medicine, she raises your vibration physically and spiritually.
  • Facilitates your ability to break negative cycles and patterns, behaviors and addictions
  • Trauma Resolution—If you are in your heart, you are not in your survival brain and its flight, fight or freeze response
  • Enhances your ability to receive downloads from higher beings and be more intuitive
  • Helps you slow down and be more present


  • Amount: one to two ounces of pure organic ceremonial cacao to experience the full bliss effects of the Theobromine (Food of the Gods) and Anandamide (The Bliss Molecule).
  • Make sure the cacao is kept in a cool, dry place and isolated before use.
  • Add hot water or your favorite nut milk to the desired amount—a traditional recipe is usually seven ounces of hot liquid to one to two ounces of cacao paste. My favorite is unsweetened organic coconut milk.
  • If you wish, you may add spices like cayenne, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, coconut flakes, agave, or honey. You can leave the Cacao unsweetened to experience it as the Mayans did. Some people like to do a ceremony every day and may add organic unsweetened coconut milk, almond milk, or oat milk.
  • Break one to two ounces of the cacao paste into smaller pieces in a dedicated cup so and let it soften in hot water or nut milk. You can also make it on the stovetop in a pot of water or nut milk, stirring and whisking on low heat. The traditional whisk is called a Molinillo. Never burn the Cacao.
  • Add optional spices.
  • Use a whisk or Molinillo until the cacao is melted, and there is a froth on the top of the mixture.
  • For daily use, you can add your favorite superfoods or add to your smoothies.
  • Serve and enjoy.


My shamanic Journey began many years ago after a life crisis started me on the shaman’s path. For the last thirty years, I have trained with shamans from many different traditions, including Celtic, Bon, Peruvian, Mexican, Brazilian, and Hawaiian. My shamanic offerings integrate beautifully with my busy trauma resolution practice. I synthesize spiritual wisdom and neuroscience to offer my clients a full body, mind, and soul healing experience.
Mama Cacao has been calling to me for a couple of years, but when I asked my guides to bring me a teacher to show me how to work with her, no human teacher was presented. One day I got a call from a client asking me if I would shamanically hold space for and facilitate their group’s Cacao Ceremony via Zoom. I have been holding shamanic ceremonies and rituals for nearly thirty years, and I have a great love for holding sacred space, so I was delighted to facilitate.
During the drumming portion of the ceremony, I requested of the ancestors and Mama Cacao their permission and blessings to have a relationship with them; I was suddenly merged with Mama Cacao and had the most beautiful, gentle, loving experience with her. She instructed me that she would be my guide and teacher and that she wanted all of her medicines to be acknowledged and honored. I agreed, and within two days, I had a container of Arriba Nacional Cacao Ceremonial Paste and Cacao Butter delivered from the best, highest vibration source, and most socially responsible supplier. I also found the highest frequency Cacao Flower Essence supplier, for Mama Cacao wanted to share her soul with humanity, and all parts of her being—including the pods that grow from the flowers on her trunk, which is where the butter and beans come from.
Everything just settled into place at lightning speed, which is how I know I am in soul alignment and soul purpose. Within two weeks, I had everything I needed, my website was in place, and all of my labels were printed. It’s amazing when the spirit of the medicine tree wanted to fulfill her purpose how quickly she brought everything into manifestation. She will help you also. I just trusted and followed her.
Each night in the dream time, she had me sleep in her heart and within the heart of Pachamama and the Great Cosmic Heart. I had the most gentle and loving initiations and wisdom from her. I also got to meet Papa Cacao, and she explained that the divine feminine and the divine masculine are united and one within her. She gifts us with the medicine of oneness with divinity and heart-opening initiations. She wanted us to know that if people lived in their hearts, they would not be in their survival brains, and we would have a conscious humanity. I resonate so powerfully with this as I work with PTSD and Trauma at my Trauma Healing Center in Los Angeles. She also shared with me that she was gifted to Earth from the Star Nation of Sirius, the heart chakra of our galaxy. She holds all of the medicine and light from this great being of light and consciousness.
All of this happened just before Lion’s Gate (August 8) 2020 and during COVID-19. I never had to leave my home, and a new soul purpose was awakened within me. I hope that inspires you to know that if you are in your heart and truly available for service, the loving guides and helping spirits will come and work with you.
We offer Mama Cacao’s medicine to those who wish to live in their hearts and heal our world. I am offering Cacao Ceremonies globally via Zoom and in person to small private groups of six with social distancing. We sacredly drink Ceremonial Cacao with strong, loving intentions. We then experience a shamanic journey of healing with Mama Cacao as I drum, and conclude with a sound healing.  For those of you who have low blood pressure, I offer Cacao Flower Essence.
Please imagine a world where humanity lives in their hearts. What would that look like? What would be different? How would we treat each other and our Earth? What would our relationships look like with ourselves and others if our hearts were open? Would our minds and our emotions be more peaceful and joyful? Would our actions be more compassionate and loving? Invite Mama Cacao into your dream time tonight and into your life and invite her to bring the changes you seek.

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